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1.  Over the last three years, Reach Academy has been developing a fully resourced, intelligently sequenced, knowledge-rich curriculum, informed by the best research evidence available.

2. These curriculum materials have been written exclusively by practising classroom teachers, assisted by subject experts, academics, senior leaders and leading educationalists.

3. Their design has been led by Jon Hutchinson, who gained a Masters in Educational Research from the University of Cambridge in 2018. Jon’s thesis was on applying evidence from a wide range of fields to classroom practice. He currently tutors on a Masters in Expert Teaching programme.

4. The curriculum has been constantly refined and reiterated our approach based on feedback from teachers who have taught the lessons. We will continue this feedback and refine cycle.

5. The project is being overseen and led by Ed Vainker, Executive Principal, and Rebecca Cramer, Director of Education, at Reach Academy, who have a track record of securing outstanding results at a school serving an intake of children who are in the lowest deciles of the IDACI.

6. Materials are presented in a highly consistent approach, which we believe makes our curriculum coherent, as well as both scalable and easy to implement with minimal training.

7. We also believe that this approach serves to help train teachers in effective educational approaches as they teach.

8. Each unit is based on the following model:

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