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Message from Mrs Marsh

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How will the school manage social distancing?

    The government have said “We know that, unlike older children and adults, early years and primary age children cannot be expected to remain 2 metres apart from each other and staff.”

    Therefore, as a school we have planned to reduce the risk as much as possible for example we will:

    · Have no more than 15 children in a ‘pod’;

    · Ensure that desks/seating plans will space children as far away as possible from each other;

    · The ‘pods’ will not mix;

    · Initially the children will not have lunch in school (unless in a priority group) to prevent ‘pods’ from mixing by accident.

    This is not an exhaustive list and I to reiterate that in primary school some children will find it very difficult to manage social distancing.

  • How will playtimes be managed/Will the children play together?

    No pods will mix at playtime and we will be teaching the children some games and activities that can be played alongside each other. They will be monitored closely by staff. We will teach them more about social distancing but I would refer you to the question above.

  • Will siblings be allowed to attend the same am or pm session?

    If your children are in one of the year groups returning to school we will ensure that they are both in the same morning or afternoon session.

    If children in other year groups return at a later date they will also be allocated the same morning or afternoon session.

  • If parents choose to send their children to school but at a later date change their mind will they be penalised?

    If you send your child to school and at a later date you decide to keep them at home you will not be penalised. No fines are being issued in the current situation. If this changes we would let you know.

  • Can the children bring in school bags?

    The children can only bring in a named water bottle and if necessary a coat.

  • Will other year groups be returning?

    The government have so far only asked schools to plan for the possible return of Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 if they can be safely accommodated. The younger year groups take priority over year 6. Our plans allow for the return of all pupils if the government decide that it is safe. If the other year groups are not returning before September we will slowly allow the children in Nursery, Reception and Year 1 to attend for a full day if we are sure we can plan for a safe lunchtime.

  • How will transition be managed?

    For those children in year 6 there will be a transition programme. As much as is feasible will be sent home for parents to use if their children are not coming back the school. The secondary schools will t be running transition days but have other plans in place to support your children.

    For other year groups there will also be a transition programme and more details will be provided nearer the time. It will support children whether or not they are attending school.

  • I am concerned about how other people will react to my decision to send my child to school?

    If you decide to send your child to school you will be in the same position as any other parent making this decision. It is not for them to decide if your child should be at school or not. We will have a risk assessment in place and a revised behaviour policy. If we feel that the risk posed by an individual child are too great we reserve the right to offer alternative provision or temporarily exclude.

  • Would July not be a better time to open?

    The school is not in a position to make this decision. We believe we can mitigate the risks and have a wider reopening from 1st June if the government give the go ahead for that date.

  • What should I do if my child lives with someone in the extremely vulnerable category?

    The advice from the government is below. We would also advise you that stringent social distancing is extremely hard to achieve in schools as per the government’s own guidance.

    If a child, young person or staff member lives in a household with someone who is extremely clinically vulnerable, as set out in the COVID-19: guidance on shielding and protecting people defined on medical grounds as extremely vulnerable guidance, it is advised they only attend an education or childcare setting if stringent social distancing can be adhered to and, in the case of children, they are able to understand and follow those instructions. This may not be possible for very young children and older children without the capacity to adhere to the instructions on social distancing. If stringent social distancing cannot be adhered to, we do not expect those individuals to attend. They should be supported to learn or work at home.

  • What should I do if my child lives with someone in the vulnerable category?

    The advice from the government is below.

    If a child, young person or a member of staff lives with someone who is clinically vulnerable (but not clinically extremely vulnerable), including those who are pregnant, they can attend their education or childcare setting.

  • Can I send my child in at a later date?

    We hope to provide opportunities for pupils to join pods at a later date but this cannot be guaranteed.

  • Can I send my children in on some days and not others?

    If you have asked for a place in a year group pod your child should attend each day unless they are ill. If they do not attend the offer of a place may be withdrawn.

    The arrangements for key worker or vulnerable children remain the same.

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