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History at Holly Spring Primary School

History Intent Statement

"We are not makers of history. We are made by history'.  

Martin Luther King

As a school, we strive to give every child an appreciation of the past, the people who have come before us and use this knowledge to influence our choices in the modern day. History is a subject that gives children skills to function as a member of everyday society – therefore it needs to be as broad and deep as possible to address as many time periods or events as possible.

Fundamentally, History is about asking questions, considering the viewpoints of others and developing curiosity about those who have come before us. At Holly Spring, children use these enquiry skills and a drive to know more to develop their understanding. Additionally, we ensure that every child is able to learn about their history across the school, with our units being considered to cover as many cultures and peoples as possible. 

Through our Holly Spring curriculum drivers, we aim to provide children with; 


  • Ensure a deep and chronological awareness of key time periods throughout history and their relevance towards each other.
  • Promote children’s vocabulary and understanding of key facts.
  • Give all children the ability to discuss complex questions and other viewpoints.
  • Understand key concepts such as change and cause and effect, using them to compare and analyse different time periods.


  • Prepare children for the next step in their history career, as the current offer gives every child the ability to take history to a    university level.


  • Improve children’s cultural capital, endeavouring to take them as far outside their lived experiences as possible.
  • Enrich their enjoyment, knowledge and enquiry skills through the use of artefacts, trips and workshops.
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