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I just wanted to say how wonderful the Year 4 sports day was today, we loved seeing such inclusiveness, all the children cheering on “everybody”.  It really did give me a sense of pride that my child is at Holly Spring, so thank you to all involved for making it feel special!

"My daughter had a brilliant time on her residential trip and was so excited to tell us about it.

Family highlights include:

Hearing about Mrs Marsh falling into the lake and screaming (sorry, Mrs Marsh!)

The colour of Mr Jackson's face when handed a random bra.

And a lovely story of my daughter persevering at archery, having extra goes in the rain (still missing completely), and Ms Goatley giving her a score card, so she had one with points. How lovely is that?

A MASSIVE thanks to everyone who organised and supported."


"The school has gone beyond our expectations to welcome and teach my child. My daughter has already become a confident child who loves to learn. She is encouraged to volunteer for roles (such as monitors/student council) which she wouldn’t have even considered or I’d imagined her ever doing. Holly Spring is such a warm, supportive school and I am so glad we chose it as you have helped my daughter thrive. Thank you for everything you have done so far."


"My daughter had an amazing time on the Year 6 residential, I just wanted to put it in writing how much of a good time she had and how you ALL looked after them so well. The stories she has is hilarious, she can’t believe she answered her room door in the morning to you with her ‘lion hair’.

Special mention to Mr Lewis who my daughter absolutely loved and felt really safe with him when doing all her activities.

Thanks to you all for spending all your time and efforts with them and giving them forever memories.


"I think HS is a lovely school and my daughter has always loved coming into learn everyday and is excited to come to school. If I have any concerns the school replies back to my emails as soon as they can. We get sent information on what our children will be learning also"

"Keep up the great work!"


"Beautiful school, both my children in year 2 and year 4 excelling in their class.  Big well done to Holly Spring staff"


"The school and the staff are doing a great job keep it up"






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